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Our customer, Water Harvesting Solutions, a designer and builder of automated water collection and harvesting systems based in Illinois, was looking for a qualified fabricator of custom High Density Polyethylene tanks. Their project for an addition to the Stanford University Hospital in Stanford, California included 8 condensate receivers that collect moisture from the air handling units on the building. The condensate receiving stations include a 330 gallon tank, a transfer pump, pH and level transmitters. The water is collected from air handlers and re-used for site irrigation. These 8 condensate receivers communicate with a central control panel by wireless technology. Based on condensate level in each tank determines which one gets pumped first when irrigating is called for. Highest level tank gets selected first followed by the next highest and so on.


Harvesting Solutions contracted with Eagle Performance Plastics to fabricate the tanks, install the accessories and ship them to California.

Custom HDPE Tank

Using oversized sheets of 1” thick High Density Polyethylene, Eagle precision machined each panel of the tank on one of our CNC routers. Each panel was welded using our Wegener Extrusion Welder. Special couplings were machined and welded on the top of the tanks. Several holes were drilled and tapped for the installation of valves. Pumps, valves and electronic instruments were installed. Finally, Eagle crated the tanks in specially designed and built crates for the trip to California.

Not only is the Stanford Medical Center world renowned for its cutting edge methods of health care, but it is also known for setting standards for green construction and sustainability. The massive Stanford University Hospital features innovative heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems that maximize efficiency and minimize demands on energy and water. The introduction of systems for lighting, sunlight, water, heating, and landscaping will require the hospital to use 20 to 30 percent less energy than a comparable hospital.

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