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Metal Detectable Acetal Scraper


Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc has been making natural Acetal scrapers for a food processing customer as replacement parts in their manufacturing process. The Scraper comes into direct contact with food requiring FDA approved material. Acetal is ideal because of its low moisture absorption rate, so it remains dimensionally stable. Commonly used in food applications, Acetal has excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties.

This part “scrapes” against a belt, creating the possibility that material could break off and find its way into the food where it could cause serious health risks.

Our customer asked if we could supply this part in a material that could be detected by their end of line standard metal detection equipment.


Eagle was able to produce the identical part utilizing FDA approved detectable Acetal. This material provides all of the physical properties as standard natural Acetal, with the added benefit that it can be sensed by metal detectors. Metal Detectable Acetal is blue in color and can easily be visually detected as well.

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