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Eagle Installs a New CNC Router

July 17, 2017

Eagle is excited to announce the latest addition to its list of equipment. A new Haas GR712 CNC Gantry Router has joined  two existing CNC routers. The new 712 has a table size of X=144” x Y=84” with a Z axis=24”. It also includes a 20 tool changer and an 8100 RPM spindle.

The addition of this equipment allows Eagle to increase its capacity as well as efficiency. With multiple machines, one operator can set up one machine for long running jobs while operating another machine for a different job. The Gantry Routers can be set up to run unmanned to further reduce lead times for our customers.

Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc is committed to investing in the latest equipment as well as our people.  We do this to support our mission of delivering value for our customers by advancing the use of performance plastic components through knowledge, communication and continuous improvement, while providing a consistently responsive and reliable experience.

For more information about Eagle’s capabilities, please contact one of our Customer Account Specialists at

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