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Top 4 Reasons 3-D Solid Models Will Save You Time and Money

December 4, 2017

Let’s first get an understanding of what 3D solid models are and why providing Eagle Performance Plastics with your 3D solid models will save you time and money.

3D solid models are created using computer-aided design software, or CAD for short. CAD software allows engineers to create, build and test virtual machines and all the associated parts. Engineers are able to tweak and perfect their design without building real machines. This top level of design can play a major role on the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process from design to completion.

Most large manufacturing companies will use one of the many available CAD software packages.  Some of the popular choices are from Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes and Siemens. The CAD software from these companies will produce a 3D solid model of a part, or to put it another way, a virtual part that is fully defined and dimensioned. There are many different types of 3D solid models, some common file extension names for these files are .SLDPRT, .STEP and .X_T.

Many of our OEM customers use 3D solid model design software to design their parts, but then do not make these files available to us when subcontracting the machining process.

This is a list of the file types, file extension and software that are most commonly received by Eagle Performance Plastics.

Type   Extension Software
Print .JPEG Microsoft/Universal
Print .PDF Adobe
Print .SLDDRW Solidworks/e-drawings
2D Importable .DXF AutoCad
2D Importable .DWG AutoCad
3D Importable .SLDPRT SolidWorks
3D Importable .IPT AutoDesk Inventor
3D Importable .X_T Parasolids
3D Importable .PAR Solidedge
3D Importable .STEP/.STP General/Generic 3D File
3D Importable .IGES/.IGS General/Generic 3D File

Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc has invested heavily in the latest CNC machines as well as software and hardware to consistently produce high quality parts, efficiently and cost effectively. A complicated part with multiple machining operations can easily take more time to program than to actually machine. However, with a solid model the programming can take a fraction of the time than manually programming the part into our CNC machines while also reducing the chance for errors.

Here is our list of the Top 4 Reasons 3-D Solid Models Will Save You Time and Money…

  1. Providing a 3D model to Eagle reduces the programming time and thus reduces lead time to you.
  2. Paper prints and sketches can be hard to read and confusing. 3D solids provide clear information for our programmers.
  3. Having the correct 3D model vastly reduces the opportunity to make errors in the programming step which ensures a high quality end result.
  4. Some parts are extremely difficult if not virtually impossible to program without a solid model. For instance, parts with features such as compound curves, angles and cams.

Please contact our Customer Account Specialists at to understand how to take full advantage of 3D Solid Model technology through both the design as well as the manufacturing processes.

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