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Manufacturing Month at Eagle Performance Plastics

October 28, 2018

Eagle is proud to have youth apprentice Hunter from Kaukauna High School on our team!

October was Manufacturing Month and Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc is proud to be a part of the manufacturing sector of the economy. Obviously, a strong manufacturing base is important to our company, as our customers are all manufacturing something, but we believe that it is the backbone of the US economy and is critical for everyone. Unfortunately the general public is unaware of what modern manufacturing is all about.

Many people do not realize how sophisticated and technical current manufacturing processes have become. There is still a strong perception that it is dirty, loud, monotonous and dangerous. However, the truth is that most modern manufacturing facilities are light, clean, and organized with sophisticated and highly technical equipment and processes.

At Eagle, we are on a mission to raise awareness of the great careers available in manufacturing. Trades such as machining, welding, CAD and automation provide high paying and fulfilling careers. Not jobs, but long term careers. Industry is looking to fill an enormous amount of positions of retiring baby boomers with smart, creative, highly trained people who know how to solve problems, communicate well and work as a team.

Since our company’s inception in 1971, we have supported high school co-op programs as well as the Technical Colleges in our area. We have people on our team who started working here 15 or 25 years ago as high school co-op students. Every year we have had between 3 and 4 high school students on our team who participate in the Youth Apprenticeship Program. Eagle also has a tuition reimbursement program to assist current full-time team members who wish to further their education.

For the past 5 years, Eagle Performance Plastics, Inc has been a major partner of A-Tech ( a charter school within the Appleton Area School District for students in 9-12 grade focusing on manufacturing trades. A-Tech provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and exposure to careers in manufacturing and prepares them to join the workforce or continue on to a Technical College program upon graduation. Whether a student joins our team here at Eagle or any other manufacturing company, we feel this is a win/win for everyone.

We strongly believe that the more training and education we can make available to people, the more valuable they become and the more fulfilling their lives and careers are. All this makes Eagle more successful at serving our customers.

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